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12 weird French foods you need to try!

Weird French foods

Today, French specialties can be found all over the world.

However, here's a list of weird French foods you are not likely to find outside of France.

Will you dare taste them?

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1. Les oursins (sea urchins)

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The first thing to know, when it comes to weird French foods, is that the French would eat anything… as long as it comes from the sea.

For example, sea urchins are very popular, in France. Not for their spines, obviously, but for the roe inside.

They are mostly consumed raw, and preparing them is not easy. But once on your plate, you will love them!

2. Les bigorneaux (winkles)

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Winkles come from the sea, too.

They are small, they are grey, they are viscous, and you will need a needle to eat them, but they are delicious.

The recipe is simple. Put the winkles in boiling water for 8 minutes with salt and thyme, and it's ready!

3. Les escargots (snails)

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Snails are probably the most talked about French dish! They are not very appetizing, and I wonder who decided we could eat them.

Snails are great though, because they are the perfect excuse to gorge on garlic butter and French baguette!

4. Les grenouilles (frogs)

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Another French classic!

Well… Actually, the French don’t eat frogs very often, and I have to admit I never tasted them myself...

But as frog legs usually come with garlic butter, they can’t be bad!

5. Les pieds de porc (pig's trotters)

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“All is good in pig” as they say.

In the figurative sense, it means that everything has its utility.

And it is also literally true. For example, the French love pig’s trotters.

6. L'andouillette' (Chitterling sausage)

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Another proof that all is good in pig: chitterling sausages!

These are sausages made of pork intestines, wine and pepper. They are usually served with fries.

And if you don’t like them, add some mustard…

7. Les pigeons (pigeons)

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France may not be the best destination for pigeons.

They never know if the French are going to feed them… or eat them!

Indeed, the pigeon meat is very trendy in France. It is delicious and low-calory.

8. La tête de veau (calf's head)

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The calf’s head is, most of the time, served with Gribiche sauce and potatoes.

However, there exists a variant with vinegar and onions, which is called head cheese.

9. La langue de bœuf (beef tongue)

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And here is one the weirdest French foods: beef tongue.

It is very common in France, and you can even have beef tongue in school canteens.

10. Le steak tartare

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Steak tartare is simply raw ground beef. It is usually served with capers, onions and a raw egg yolk.

Surprisingly enough, people all over the world love it.

11. Le foie gras

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Foie gras is very talked about today. Both for its unique taste, and because geese must be force-fed to get this result.

As comedian Fabrice Eboué would say: 'Give some foie gras to a goose, and it will agree to be force-fed'...

12. Les tripes (cow's stomach)

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And here’s the last dish on this list of weird French foods: cow’s stomach.

There are several recipes to prepare it and, once more, the result is surprising…


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