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Here's a collection of French texts for you to start reading in French. Read in French on a regular basis and you'll make tremendous progress!

Start reading in French!

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Here is a selection of simple French texts to start reading today!

French short story - Paris

French short story - Paris

Georges - a French text for beginners

French literature made easy...

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Start reading in French with these simplified and modernized texts issued from the French literature!

How to start reading in French?

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What kind of texts should you read in French?

Start with simple French texts designed for beginners, and read them attentively, in small chunks.

Remember that the quantity of texts you read does not matter. Only what you learn from these texts is important.

Therefore, don't hesitate to read the same text over and over, until everything becomes clear. It is definitely not a waste of time.

Read in French with audio

Reading in French is a good oportunity to practice your French pronunciation.

Also, when you read in French, try to pronounce some sentences aloud.

And if some French letters don't sound natural to you, you may have a look at this section: French pronunciation.

Read some French today!

On this page, you will find a selection of French texts written for beginners and intermediate learners.

They all come with line-by-line audio and English translation.

It will help you match written French and spoken French, which is often seen as a major difficulty.

And to know more about how to start reading in French, you may read the post: French reading - Where to start?


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