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The best places to visit in France (other than Paris...)

Places to visit in france

I don't believe that the best of France is to be found in Paris.

Here’s my personal list of the best places to visit in France!

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1. La Petite-France (Little-France district)

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The city of Strasbourg is definitely a place to visit in France. Discover its cathedral, the Christmas market… and the Petite-France district!

Petite-France is a charming neighbourghood of Strasbourg, with half-timbered houses, built along the city’s canals.

There, you can visit the Vauban dam (with its panoramic terrace), the covered bridges, and the historical museum of Strasbourg.

2. Plage de Trousse-Chemise (Trousse-Chemise beach)

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To access the beach of Trousse-Chemise, go through the forest of the same name. You’ll discover one of the most beautiful beaches on the Isle of Rhé!

On a rising tide, a strong current, created by a sandbar situated opposite the beach, will enable you to float effortlessly along the coast.

The Isle of Rhé is also known for its salt marshes and its numerous bicycle paths.

3. La Forêt de Vizzavona (Vizzavona forest)

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If you visit Corsica, Vizzavona forest is a must!

Especially on a hot day.

Walk through a forest of beeches and pines, surrounded by 2000-meter-high mountains. Have a picnic at the 'English waterfall', and swim in one of its natural pools.

Yes, Vizzavona forest is definitely a place to visit in France!

4. Le Château de Chenonceau (Chenonceau castle)

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Also known as 'the Ladie’s Castle', in tribute to Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis, Chenonceau Castle is an architectural masterpiece built accross the river Cher.

The park around the castle may be the most interesting part, where you can admire the fountains, the maze and the castle architecture.

5. Piste noire 'La Sarenne' (Black run 'La Sarenne')

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The Sarene is a 16-kilometer-long black run, located in the famous ski resort of Alpe d’Huez.

It is said to be the longest black run in Europe.

Apart from the first stretch (which can be avoided), it is a relatively easy black run, which offers stunning views of the Alps.

6. Les Calanques de Marseille (Calanques of Marseille)

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Among the places to visit in France, the Calanques are simply a natural wonder!

Located between Marseille and Cassis, this collection of bays and small beaches is the perfect destination for hikers and scuba-divers.

You may also hire a boat to visit the Calanques by sea.

7. Le Mont-Saint-Michel (Saint-Michel's mount)

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Saint Michel’s mount in Normandy, France, is not to be confused with Saint Michael’s mount in Cornwall, England.

Situated on a rock in the middle of a bay, Saint Michel’s mount is a medieval town, which has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

From the west wing of its abbey, one can observe the spectacular rising tide.

It is said that the sea rises at the speed of a galloping horse!

8. Les Falaises d'Étretat (Cliffs of Etretat)

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The white chalk cliffs at Etretat are another famous tourist destination in Normandy.

This is a perfect day-trip destination. There, you will discover three awesome natural arches and enjoy a white pebble beach.

9. La Dune du Pilat (Dune of Pilat)

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The tallest sand dune in Europe is situated 60 km away from Bordeaux.

The dune of Pilat reaches 110 meters above sea level.

Nestled between the ocean and a large pine forest, this unique landscape is certainly a place to visit in France!

10. Les Volcans d'Auvergne (Auvergne Volcanoes)

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The Auvergne volcanoes are a unique destination for hikers and nature lovers.

There, you’ll find outstanding landscapes, lakes, and hundreds of kilometers of marked trails.

You’ll also discover many regional cheeses and local specialties.


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