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French pronunciation

Master French pronunciation early on, and speaking French will be a walk in the park. Here are the 4 pillars of French pronunciation!

1. French alphabet

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The first pillar of French pronunciation is obviously the French alphabet. Some letters are not pronounced the same as in English!

Pillar #1 - The French alphabet

Apart from accents and cedillas, the French alphabet is similar to the English one.

However, most letters are not pronounced the same.

In this series of articles, discover the French alphabet sounds!

2. French combined letters

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Combined letters are everywhere in French!

Pillar #2 - French Combined Letters

Combinations of letters, such as nasal vowels or vowel combinations, are groups of letters which form a unique sound.

They are everywhere in French!

This section will help you recognize them at a glance!

3. Silent letters in French

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Some letters must not be pronounced in French, in particular the final consonants. In this section, discover the silent letters in French.

Pillar #3 - Silent Letters In French

There are many silent letters in French.

In particular, French consonants are very often silent at the end of a word.

Here are all the rules to recognize the French silent letters!

4. Enchaînements

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Liaisons and elisions are an important aspect of French pronunciation.

Pillar #4 - Enchaînements

Liaisons and elisions are what we call “enchaînements” in French, and they give to the French language all its beauty!

In this section, learn how to use the enchaînements in French!


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