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12 facts about France you probably didn't know

Facts about France

When you think about France, you may think about lavender fields, the French Riviera, croissants…

Or about the shortcomings of the French!

But you probably don't know these 12 interesting facts about France.

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1. At least 40% of French songs on the radio

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Since 1996, there exists a law in France, in order to support francophone artists.

At least 40% of the songs aired on the radio must have French lyrics.

2. Fixed book price

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In France, whether you buy a book on Internet, or in an independant bookshop, you will pay the same price.

A “fixed book price” law entered in force in 1981.

Publishers determine the price at which a book is to be sold to the public.

3. French cuisine

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The French cuisine has been entered on the “world’s intangible heritage” list, in 2010, for its multi-course gastronomical meal.

This UNESCO recognition seeks to protect cultural practices around the world.

4. Fifteen Nobel prizes in literature

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France has won more Nobel prizes in Literature than any other countries (15).

The last French writer who won this prize is Patrick Modiano, in 2014.

French literature is another reason to learn French!

5. First tourist destination in the world

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With more than 85 millions visitors each year, France is the first tourist destination in the world, before Spain and the United States.

6. Most visited museum in the world

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Le musée du Louvre, in Paris, is the most visited museum in the world. It attracts over 8 millions visitors each year.

7. No refills in fast-foods

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In 2017, free drink refills have been banned in fast foods, to reduce population sugar intake.

You can still drink as much soda as you like, but now, you have to pay for it!

8. Long nights

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The average French person sleeps more than eight and a half hours every night.

More than in any other developed country…

9. Africa

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If you plan to go to Africa, you definitely need to learn French!

Did you know that the Democratic Republic of Congo is the country where there are the most Francophones in the world?

Even more than in France…

10. One country, twelve time zones

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With twelve time zones, and due to its various territories around the globe, France is the country with the most time zones in the world.

Before the United States and Russia (eleven time zones each).

11. Meet our neighbourg: Brazil!

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Due to its overseas territory of French Guiana, France shares its longest border with Brazil.

This border is more than 700 km long.

12. The shortest border in the world

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It is one of the shortest border in the world.

France shares an underground border with the UK, inside the Channel tunnel.


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